Conditions of Participation

Ethical and Moral Obligation

The Sectio chirurgica include surgical techniques carefully demonstrated on body donors. A person agrees, while living, to donate their body after death to The Anatomical Institute at The University of Tuebingen for the purpose of medical research and learning. Therefore, The Anatomical Institute has an obligation to protect the wishes of these individuals and to fully abide by the terms of the body donor agreement.


The Sectio chirurgica is a private and cost-free event for only those who meet eligibility. These include the following individuals: Medical students and students majoring in a medicine related subject, as well as, medical and medically related professionals. Um einen Missbrauch der Bild- und Filmdarstellung zu verhindern und einer sensationsheischenden 'Erlebnisanatomie' entgegenzuwirken, ist die Teilnahme zur 'Sectio chirurgica' passwortgeschützt.

Teaching Concept

Sectio chirurgica provides a modern teaching platform through online-learning, enabling an inter-university exchange. The Anatomical Institute of Tuebingen is excited about the developing inter-university dynamic of its program.

Rules & Regulations: Streaming in Lecture Hall

In order to stream the live broadcasting of Section chirurgica in a lecture hall, the following conditions must be met:

  • Absolutely no pictures or film of the SC are allowed.
  • The organizer of the lecture hall must be sure all participants are eligible for viewing the SC.
  • Any external streaming of the SC is not an offical learning event from the University of Tuebingen.
  • The University of Tuebingen is not the organizer of any external lecture hall streaming, therefore, it does not account for the responsibility of these events.