Shoulder Trauma - Impressions


We just saw the first episode of this series of Sectio chirurgica and we are already getting ready for episode 2:

Thursday, November 15th 2018, 6pm

Acute Aortic Dissection: Interdisciplinary Treatment

To give you a taste of Sectio chirurgica here are some impressions from last week's episode - enjoy!

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Schultertrauma_01@0,25x.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Schultertrauma_02@0,25x.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Schultertrauma_03@0,25x.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Schultertrauma_04@0,25x.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Schultertrauma_05@0,25x.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Schultertrauma_06@0,25x.png

Team Sectio