Aortic Dissection - Pictures


We will show the third episode of this series of Sectio chirurgica in just a few days.

Thursday, November 22nd 2018, 6pm

Ulcerative Colitis: Proctocolectomy with J-Pouch

We are pleased to announce Prof. Dr Jan Wehkamp, Department for Internal Medicine I in Tübingen, PD Dr Andreas Kirschniak and his team from the GVT-Department Tübingen and Prof. Dr Stephan Clasen, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Tübingen.

Finally we release you with a few pictures from last weeks episode.

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Aortendissektion_01.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Aortendissektion_02.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Aortendissektion_03.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Aortendissektion_04.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Aortendissektion_05.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Aortendissektion_06.png

Team Sectio

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