LIVE today: Ulcerative Colitis


Ready for 6pm? You better be - 'cause Sectio chirurgica is back live:

Ulcerative Colitis: Proctocolectomy with J-Pouch

Don't miss this exciting interdisciplinary episode! These will be our guests tonight:

  • Prof. Dr Stephan Clasen (radiology)
  • Prof. Dr Jan Wehkamp (internal medicine I)
  • PD Dr Andreas Kirschniak (GVT)
  • Dr Peter Wilhelm (GVT)
  • Kai Jansen (GVT)
  • Jonas Johannink (GVT)
  • Jens Rolinger (GVT)

To properly prepare yourself for tonight's episode, watch the trailer:

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Colitis_ulcerosa - Teaser@0,25x.png

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