Degnerative Spine: Lumbar Cage Fusion


Series XIII of Sectio chirurgica premieres this Thursday:

Thu., April 26th 2018, 6pm:

Degnerative Spine: Lumbar Cage Fusion

Expect to see an exciting surgery in a highly interdisciplinary episode. These will be our guests:

  • PD Dr Andreas Badke, BG Clinic Tübingen
  • Tina Heinzelmann, outpatient therapy center of the BG Clinic Tübingen
  • Dr Christopher Baron, BG Clinic Tübingen
  • PD Dr Fabian Springer, diagnostic and interventional radiology Tübingen
  • Dr Stephan Herlan, neurosurgery Tübingen & Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis
  • Dr Kristofer Fingerle-Ramina, neurosurgery Tübingen
  • Dr Christian Walter, orthopaedic surgery Tübingen

This means the studio and the OR will be filled to capacity.

To properly prepare for the surgery, please watch the following trailer (German version):

Treiler - Wirbelsäule

Register now, either as an individual, or as a group! Tune in!

Team Sectio

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