Bronchogenic Carcinoma: Open-Surgical vs. Endoscopic Lobectomy


We present episode nr 2 of this series of Sectio chirurgica:

Thu., May 3rd 2018, 6pm:

Bronchogenic Carcinoma: Open Surgical vs. Endoscopic Lobectomy

This week, on top of paying attention to anatomy, surgery, and radiology, we will once more focus on physiotherapy as well. Of course, we have invited several experts - you can expect another highly interdisciplinary episode:

  • PD Dr Volker Steger, deputy medical director at the University Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Tübingen
  • PD Dr Jürgen Hetzel, consultant and head of the Department of Pneumology, University Department of Oncology, Hematology, Clinical Immunology, Rheumatology and Pulmonology Tübingen
  • PD Dr Sergios Gatidis, consultant, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Tübingen
  • Dr Migdat Mustafi, consultant, University Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Tübingen
  • Sibylle Kistermann, physiotherapist & lecturer at the physiotherapy school at the BG Clinic Tübingen


'Doctor, I'm not feeling very well, I've had this cough for months and recently I’ve been coughing up blood as well! Would you please take a look at it?!' These are the symptoms our patient introduces himself to his family doctor with. He also claims a rapid weight loss.

Due to the symptoms, the doctor refers him to a pulmonologist. As part of a bronchoscopy and x-ray, a bronchial carcinoma is diagnosed, whose surgical removal is indicated.

In the OR, Dr Mustafi will show the removal of the tumor in two ways. In the studio, our experts will discuss the anatomy and radiology and explain the physiotherapeutic treatment.

To properly prepare for the surgery, please watch the following trailer (German version):

Bronchogenic Carcinoma - Trailer

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Team Sectio

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