End of series & award ceremony "Land of Ideas"


This series of Sectio chirurgica is now over and we would like to thank you for the amazing support.

This series' episodes are all available in our media library, some even in English! If you know anybody that has not yet registered an account with Sectio chirurgica please let them know.

And another announcement:
You might have already seen that Sectio chirurgica is one of the winners selected by the initiative "Land of Ideas". There will be a ceremony during which the certificate will be presented to Prof. Dr. Hirt on July 24th 2015, at 4pm. This ceremony will be broadcasted live on www.sectio-chirurgica.de.
We would appreciate you joining us for this special occasion by tuning in.

Further info about the land of ideas: https://www.land-der-ideen.de/en

We expect the next live series to be broadcast early 2016.

Obviously we are always thankful for constructive criticism and ideas, also if you have ideas about specific surgeries you would like to see in the future. Please send us an email to: info@sectio-chirurgica.de.

This is it for now - we will see you July 24th 2015!

Your Team Sectio

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