Episode 6: Acute Abdomen - Hemicolectomy


We will be back this Thursday with a very special epsiode of Sectio chirurgica.

Thursday, Nov. 23rd 2017, 6pm

Acute Abdomen - Hemicolectomy

You always wanted to be more than "just" an audience member? You wanted to be part of Sectio chirurgica?

- Than this is the episode for you! During the episode we will ask several questions in our live chat. The answers to those questions will help determine the surgeries next steps. We are very excited to welcome Prof. Dr Königsrainer to this episode - speaking of excitement: If all of that is still not enough incentive for you to watch the episodes - we will also give away great prizes!

To help you to prepare for this extraordinary episode watch Prof. Dr Königsrainer tell you all you need to know:

Trailer - Hemicolectomy (German)

Tune in live!

Unfortunately, due to some revamping, the media library is currently not available.

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Team Sectio

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