Live today (at 2pm!): Meningioma


It's already time for the last episode of the series - and we will focus on neurosurgery once more!

Thursday, July 25th 2019, 4pm:

Meningioma: Frontolateral Approach to the Skull Base

One of the most common illnesses is the headache, or migraine. Our patient has been suffering from migraines with aura for 20 years. Side symptoms are dizziness and a speech disorder. Due to the acuteness of the symptoms, her doctor decides to perform an emergency CT and thus, a tumor in the area of the optic canal is detected. 

For our last episode we welcome Prof. Dr M. Tatagiba, medical director of the University Department of Neurosurgery Tübingen an Dr S. Herlan, specialist at the Department of Neurosurgery and research assistant at the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis. Just as last week, Prof. Dr Hirt will also welcome Dr Jie Qin from Fudan University in Shanghai/China.

The students from Fudan University will also play a part in this episode and demonstrate the anatomy using one of the specimen they have been dissecting.

Since this is a very international episode it will be available in English and transferred into Chinese live.

Tune in - join the discussions in our live-chat and test your knowledge in our live-quiz!

Team Sectio

Participants of the Summer School behind the camera
Behind the camera - participants of the Summer School

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