Live today: Continued Surgical Training


We will start this series with a very special episode:

Thursday, July 4th 2019, 6pm:

Continued Surgical Training: Standard Procedures in the Spotlight

We will show four different procedures:

  1. Skin graft - Dr Krauß, BG Clinic Tübingen
  2. Appendectomy - Prof. Dr Zdichavsky, Filderklinik, Filderstadt
  3. Vasectomy - Dr Amend, Urology Tübingen
  4. Tracheotomy - PD Dr Becker & Mr Schneider, Otolaryngology Tübingen

Meanwhile Prof. Hirt will talk to Prof. Dr Fuchs (Children's Hospital Tübingen) and PD Dr Kuhn (University Medical Center Mainz) about continued medical education. They will be joined by a group of medical students from different universities in Germany to also discuss "student topics" such as "how much routine is needed to perform a surgery", "what options do i have once i have finished my degree", "is a smaller clinic preferable to a university medical center", and so on.

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