Live today: Shoulder Trauma


We are finally back!

Thursday, Nov. 8th 2018, 6pm:

Shoulder Trauma: Treatment of a Greater Tubercle Fracture

We are dealing with a classical fall-accident (pun intended): Our patient fell while sweeping leaves in front of her house. She attempted to break her fall using her arm. Since then her right arm is in a lot of pain.

She finally visits her physician and after a thororugh examination and radiological diagnostics sthe decision to perform a necessary surgery is made.

To properly discuss and demonstrate this topic we have invited several guests:

  • Prof. Dr Atesch Ateschrang, Tübingen
  • Stefanie Gruber, Tübingen
  • PD Dr Fabian Springer, Tübingen
  • Prof. Dr Bernhard Tillmann, Kiel

Team Sectio

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