Metastasis of the Cervical Lymph Nodes - Pictures


Tomorrow we will release the trailer for episode no 5 of this series. Before we do that, however, here are some pictures from our last episode:

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Halslymphknotenmetastase_02.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Halslymphknotenmetastase_03.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Halslymphknotenmetastase_04.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Halslymphknotenmetastase_05.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Halslymphknotenmetastase_07.png

tl_files/MEDIA/Bilder/WiSe 2018/Halslymphknotenmetastase_01.png

This Thursday we will discuss

Dental Malposition: Corrective Osteotomy

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