New episode added to library: Continued Surgical Training


This week we won't be live, unfortunately. Instead, we have added the first episode from our last summer series to the media library:

Continued Surgical Training: Standard Procedures in the Spotlight

We don't usually show classic, smaller surgeries, although they are just as important as the "big" procedures. In this episode, we have dedicated ourselves to this topic. Our experts in the studio and in the OR are joined by representatives of the bvmd to discuss topics such as medical education and further education, career opportunities, and many more.

Since we won't stream live this Thursday, we decided to make this special episode available to you. The episode was recorded as the first episode of our last summer series. Therefore, it has been added in the media library to the series "Staffel SoSe 2019" (even though the name of the series is in German, all episodes are also available in English - just follow the link).

Next week we will be live again - then with a special highlight revolving around ophthalmology.

Team Sectio

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