Occlusive Hydrocephalus


It's time for the great finale of this series:

Thursday, Dec. 13th 2018, 6pm:


Occlusive Hydrocephalus: Ventriculocisternostomy

From the University Department of Neurosurgery Tübingen:
• Prof. Dr Marcos Tatagiba, Medical Director
• Prof. Dr Martin Schuhmann, Senior Consultant
• Dr Stephan Herlan, Specialist
in chat: Dr Felix Behling, Assistant Physician
From the University Department of Radiology Tübingen, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology:
• Dr Jörg Schmehl, Specialist

Watch the trailer to prepare for this episode: https://youtu.be/yjIu35Pf_x0


Team Sectio

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