Series 15 - Episode Overview


Summer 2019 - Episodes

We are back with four new and international episodes!

The first two episodes will be streamed live at our usual time of 6pm. However, the last two episodes will be live at 2pm!

These are the topics:

Continued Surgical Training: Standard Procedures in the Spotlight (Thu. July 4th, 6pm)

Parkinson Disease: Deep Brain Stimulation (Thu. July 11th, 6pm)

Colorectal Carcinoma: Rectal Resection with TME (Thu. July 18th, 6pm)

Meningioma: Frontolateral Approach to the Skull Base (Thu. July 25th, 6pm)

There will be quite a few highlights during this series. We have invited several medical students to out first episode to discuss medical studies and further education possibilities with our experts. For the last two episodes we will be joined by students from Fudan University in Shanghai/China. They will be in Tübingen as part of a Summer School.

Team Sectio

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