Sectio chirurgica - MOOC

The team of Sectio chirurgica used the fellowship of the "Stiftverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft" (further information), which they won in 2013, to produce the MOOC “clinical anatomy head/neck”, which is a free to all online lecture.

So far Sectio's MOOC took place twice on We are currently working on a new MOOC. Further information are available on


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What is a MOOC?

A Massive Open Online Course is first of all a course which is offered online, available to everybody interested in participating and free of charge. Since there is also no limit as to the number of participants italso is usually massive.

The idea behind it is to make (academical) education available to everybody using the web.

Here is a video with further information!

What is the content of the Sectio - MOOC?

Anatomists and clinicians explain the anatomy of the head and neck area in a clinical and surgical context using impressive images, anatomical preparations, clinical cases and patient examinations.

Who can participate in the Sectio MOOC?

Other than the Sectio chirurgica LIVE-event, which is a free but closed event for which only medical and medically related professionals and students are allowed to sign up (conditions of participation), EVERYBODY is allowed to participate in the MOOC. MASSIVE and OPEN.

How can I participate in the Sectio – MOOC?

Just register on and participate. Enjoy!