Trailer for Series 13

Programme Summer 2018

Date Guest
Discipline Topic
April 26th 2018
at 6pm (CEST)
Deputy Medical Director
BG Clinic Tübingen, Department for Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery, Spinal Surgery Degenerative Spine: Lumbar Cage Fusion
May 3rd 2018
at 6pm (CEST)
Deputy Medical Director
University Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Bronchogenic Carcinoma: Open Surgical vs. Endoscopic Lobectomy
May 17th 2018
at 6pm (CET)
Medical Director
BG Clinic Tübingen Department of Hand, Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Surgery
Hand Trauma:
Replantation & Reconstruction

Series 12 premieres with the 100th episode of Sectio chirurgica

We barely finished the last series and already we are getting ready for the next one. We will be back live on air on October 19th, at 6pm, with episode 100 of Sectio chirurgica!

The new programme will be released shortly.

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